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Cim-Tek Filters & Adaptors

MSSP carries a complete line of Cim-Tek Filters for above ground fuel tanks and other bulk fuel systems. Click on the photo on the left to see a partial list of fuel filters we carry for the filtration of gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, bio fuel, AV gas and more. Call us to learn what fuel filter you need for your fuel tank. Chances are we have it for quick delivery.

FSI Filters

Bag Filter Housings for all Uses

Our standard bag vessels feature single gasket sealing, permanent piping and perforated metal baskets. Whether you need a vessel for one bag or 99, FSI bag filter housings are your best choice for durable and consistent performance. Our FSPN filter vessel, BFN filter vessel, and the E-Z Open filter vessel provide a full-range of cost-effective filter vessel solutions.

FSPN Filter Vessels

The FSPN line of filters covers nearly every fluid application need. From the compact FSPN-20 miniature single bag filter vessel to the large multi-bag designs, we have exactly what your flow demands require. The FSPN vessels can also be equipped wit… Go


The FSI answer to time-saving operations is the patented FSPZ Easy Open Lid Vessel, the innovative alternative to manually opening and closing a filter vessel. Utilizing a unique sliding bracket retaining system, it’s operated simply by using the l…Go

CBFP Filter Vessels

When looking for a cost-effective single-bag filter vessel that is both durable and reliable, look to the FSI CBFP series vessels. Although the standard CBFP series vessels do not carry an ASME Code stamp, you can still realize the benefits of an eco…Go

SBF Compact Bag Vessels

When space is an issue, look to FSI’s advanced design, compact bag filter. The SBF-75 is a reduced-size filter made with the same attention to detail that is in all of our larger designs. With dimensions of less than 10″ high by 2 7/8”, you get a f… Go

Filter Bags

Standard Felt Filter Bags

When it comes to felt filter bags, FSI has the answer. Our years of experience give us an advantage over our competitors, and our felt filter bags show it. Our felt bags are designed to withstand higher solid loading, and are suitable for application… Go

Polyweld® Filter Bags

Polyweld® filter bags hold a distinct advantage over all types of needle-sewn bags. The welded seams completely eliminate the possibility of unfiltered liquid bypass occurring due to needle holes. The result is a tighter seam, high bag efficiency an…Go

Extended Life Filter Bags (POEX/PEEX)

The Extended Life filter bags (POEX and PEEX) provide outstanding performance on many types of contaminants such as gels, particles with wide ranges of sizes, and particles with various irregular shapes. The coarse, pre-filtering layer is designed to… Go

MAX PONG Filter Bags

The PONG Heavy Duty Extended Life filter bag (MAX PONG) is the leader in high-efficiency, low-cost filtration. Its seamless micro-fiber graded density cartridge insert removes trace oils that frequently occur in process fluids, and provides four time… Go

Polymicro® Microfiber Filter Bags

The Polymicro microfiber filter bag (POMF) provides outstanding performance on contaminant applications where minimizing particle travel is important. The POMF contains three layers: a pre-filtering layer that removes coarse debris; the primary layer.